Monday, 14 April 2014

Some thoughts on SNP / #YesScotland's latest flyer.

Some thoughts on SNP / #YesScotland's latest flyer.

Mistruth and assertion? Let's go through it point-by-point:

1. The UK is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. We have the fastest growing economy in the western world and will soon have the EU's largest economy.  

2. The FT report is superficial and now quite dated. The SNP Gov's own GERS report shows that our deficit (inc oil) is higher than rUK. We spend about £12.7bn more than we earn. 

3. That's not how democracy works. You don't always get who you vote for. I voted for neither Cameron nor Salmond.

4. Trident actually costs £170m per year and employs 6,500 people. There have also been persistent reports that the SNP may want us to keep Trident.

5. After the euro crisis, no rUK PM will be able to convince the public that a currency union with a foreign country with a huge banking sector is a good idea.

6. Everyone agrees on this. The question is when and on what terms. 

7. Not guaranteed.

8. We can do this right now - childcare is devolved. Nonetheless, Holyrood civil servants say Salmond's childcare plans are not funded

9. This is 100% correct, but Salmond will run the 2014-16 negotiations.

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