Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some thoughts on #BetterTogether's Scaremongering and Negativity.

We all know that #BetterTogether's #indyref argument comprises scaremongering and negativity. Right? Well, not really. Both SNP/#YesScotland and #BetterTogether have a positive message when it comes to arguing that voters should back them. However, they also use negativity when talking about their opponents. Sadly, this is how politics works.

What is different about #indyref is that SNP/#YesScotland have been allowed to answer reasonable arguments by simply accusing  their opponents of scaremongering. Although this makes life easy for them, it is lazy and does not inform the debate. Three examples: 
Scaremongering in its true form has no place in politics. Parties, employers, experts and the public have the right to ask questions without being shouted down by people who are trying to hide the truth.

So what about SNP/#YesScotland's scaremongering and negativity? Perhaps the most negative piece of baseless #indyref scaremongering came from Nicola Sturgeon when on 18th of October 2013 she claimed that Westminster would "turn the screw" on Scotland if we voted no. More recently Scots have seen a series of highly negative massages being published on-line and in print by SNP/#YesScotland. Three examples are below. 

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