Sunday, 27 April 2014

McKee, Swinney, £400,000 & Greenfold Systems Limited

Ivan McKee is a "Director" of Business for Scotland. BfS is described as a "business network for pro-independence business people and professionals".  Business for Scotland produce highly biased "analysis" on a broad range of topics (not just business related). BfS are a key part of SNP's #YesScotland, and often share meetings with leading members of the SNP. For example, McKee and John Swinney recently ran a  meeting together in Dunfermline - I am sure Swinney was very grateful for McKee's support.

Other than his links with BfS, it is not clear what wee Ivan's business experience isWonder no more! It turns out that he is based in Morpeth (England) and is the Director of a company known as Greenfold Systems Limited which is registered in Leigh (England). Nothing wrong with that.

In February 2013 it was announced that the Scottish Government had given Greenfold Systems Limited a £400,000 RSA grant. Following this, the SNP's John Swinney visited their Dunfermline base on 1st of May 2013. Lovely. 

(Swinney & McKee are in the middle)

What is interesting is that it was around this time that Business for Scotland was registered (23rd of August 2012) and launched (14th of May 2013). Nothing wrong with that.

I am sure that this is all above board, but one has to wonder why McKee is so shy about his links with Greenfold Systems Limited? Perhaps it is simply because the other directors think we are #BetterTogether?


  1. I wonder how many Scottish based companies would welcome a £ 400k grant for a promise to create 65 jobs? At least the tax would come back to us and not go to UK if we separated. Have Leigh based Greenfold created these jobs? On what criteria did Business for Scotland Director McKee get this grant and are same grants now available from SG to our own Scottish businesses??

  2. So if Yes, McKee's business would pay it's corporation tax in England despite business unit being based in Scotland! How does Scottish taxpayer see benefit of the £400k RSA Grant? Have the 65 jobs promised materialised?