Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Yes vote means saying goodbye to the Tories!

Now the first thing to remember is that quite a lot of people in Scotland vote Tory. It is like masturbation: a lot of people do it, but only a few admit to it! The image below shows that at the last General Election the Tories, the SNP & the Lib-Dems all had about the same vote share.

So why all the fuss about the Tories then? The answer is simple: the SNP need Labour voters on their side if they are to win #indyref.  It was not always like this. Indeed, in the 2007-11 parliament the SNP relied on Tory support to pass each of its budgets. This is because, there is a synergy between the "conservative" polices both SNP and the Tories aspire to. Ruth Davidson on SNP voters: "A significant proportion of them have voted Conservative in the past, the Tartan Tories that exist within the SNP as they call them". The key to Salmond's success has been his ability to dress up his regressive polices as something which benefit the working class. Some would call it dishonestLastly, never forget that Salmond has claimed Scots "didn't mind" Margaret Thatcher's notorious 1980s economic policies.


  1. Feel necessary to point out Salmond is not on the ballot paper.
    As someone with a disability I feel Scottish people are less likely to vote for nasty policies towards a disabled people.
    This issue highlights wider point of difference in Scottish and UK politics.
    Scotland just doesn't have the numbers to balance out the reactionary politics from certain parts of England. Over 10 Million people are about to vote UKIP in the Euro elections. Scotland has an electorate of 4 million. The numbers don't add up.
    The NHS , is being dismantled in England. Health is devolved but Westminster holds the purse strings. Scotland can't keep an NHS when England gets rid of theirs.
    The UK is getting less progressive. With yes vote vote we can choose a different path.

    1. Salmond will not be on the ballot paper, but he does lead the Nationalist/Independence movement in Scotland. If he wins, he will lead the negotiations in the 2014-16 period.

      The remainder of your post is blatant scaremongering. Let's see the positive case for independence.

  2. Thought I was sticking to the issues in hand and not engaging in personal criticism. Can see you don't want a discussion. Surprised you don't accept how dangerous and vicious this crop of Tories are. Good luck to you in case

  3. You are scaremongering. Take a look at the SNP's regressive policies before you start saying things like the "UK is getting less progressive" as if Scotland is immune.