Thursday, 17 April 2014

Indyref is not about the SNP.

We know that #YesScotland is dominated by the SNP in terms of staff and funding. No other party has given money to #YesScotland - in fact, they benefit from the extra exposure #YesScot gives them. On this very point, a former #YesScot executive went on the record and revealed that the: “organisation has become little more than an SNP front in recent months, which is ironic given the amount of effort that was put into fighting that perception in the early days.”

Nonetheless, this tweet from the SSP tells us that for #YesScotland, #indyref is about Salmond v Cameron, or perhaps SNP v the Tories.

It also shows us that the SSP have forgotten they are socialists. Take a look at the SNP policies SSP are keen to protect - none help the poorest Scots. For example, 

Also, never forget that Salmond has claimed Scots "didn't mind" Margaret Thatcher's notorious 1980s economic policies.

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